Yesterday, in Chandannagar, we came across a long forgotten scene, where a rickshaw with a loudspeaker, went rattling by through alleys and by-lanes of that crowded little old town, blaring a public announcement from a pre-recorded audio tape. Such means of information dissemination is not new and not forgotten, we frequently have them at our […]

“Do you really need to go”? Fatima imploringly looked at Zarul, her husband of two weeks. “If I don’t go, what will you eat, silly’? Zarul replied, laughing, as he slung his cloth bag on his left shoulder and went out the door. It was dawn and his companions were waiting. Turning the corner of […]

The day melted in thunder and rain; It was half past seven. The grime and sweat of a sultry day, All washed away; The relief! ‘twas heaven. The storm in her heart, in silence, surged And garroted. When she’d melt away, she wondered. ‘Twas hell, her pain. Manjishtha 08.04.2015 Image Courtesy: (Painting by John […]

Firstpost published an article today 1 on the fascination of Indian politicians for foreign academic degrees. The article suggests that it is not knowledge per se, that our politicians are after (no wonder there), but the apparent leg up in one’s social status that associating with the word ‘foreign’ gives, is what they seek the […]

So, I am reading this chapter on Human Population and fuming inside on the reckless breeding tendencies of us humans and God decides to send me a demo. Our newly recruited domestic help is sweeping the courtyard, when she is commanded by a woman to “tell Mother to give alms”. When, our recruit, shy by […]

“I am adopted”. Not really, no. That’s my favoured way of expressing psuedoindignation at my parents’ divergent philosophies and ideals in life. For instance, they are BIG believers in the hypothetical ‘innate goodness’ of people. They find goodness even in the basest of souls and are always ready to blindly trust anybody and everybody they […]

Yesterday, near Victoria Memorial, our car stopped at a red light. It was approached by a eunuch. We parted with a ten and preserved our peace. Today, while Googling Devala Devi  to help me keep up with my mother discussing the history of medieval Delhi, I found that Khusro Khan, the maverick, therefore short term […]