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Random Thoughts #5

Slant rays through the window, Browns were never so gold, Dust hangs, lost, creasing air, Too timid to settle below. Gravid silence waits, perplexed; in shades, a glint. The faded thyme suggests …. With sighs, the bemoaner hopes. Manjishtha 6th April, 2017   Image Courtesy: A portrait a day : Yevgenia Watts Advertisements

Random Thoughts # 4

My blessing, my bane A mind, that is mine Insists, Sin’s my own, Virtue, divine. Heart, beats and wonders At no claim on Love, The one thing that salvages, Beyond and above. I am utterly, passionately, consummately in love with John Steinbeck’s East of Eden, and if I were to have a book for a […]

Random Thoughts #3

The day melted in thunder and rain; It was half past seven. The grime and sweat of a sultry day, All washed away; The relief! ‘twas heaven. The storm in her heart, in silence, surged And garroted. When she’d melt away, she wondered. ‘Twas hell, her pain. Manjishtha 08.04.2015 Image Courtesy: (Painting by John […]

Random Thoughts # 2

  Pains me no more; No, not even that romantic “dull ache“: A finality, certitude, has set in, Wounds, unhealed, can petrify.     Strange unheaviness typifies it, Indifferent existence; almost nil. Already the sediments of daily chores bury it, Not a rock, it seems; just an imprint.     Manjishtha  6.10.13   Image Courtesy: […]

Random Thoughts # 1

Every soul needs a purpose to survive, Be it a person; a pleasure perhaps: For some ’tis the chance at revenge; Nurtured on which life thrives. I see not why it should be condemned, Recall the saying on ‘sowers’ and ‘reaping’; If revenge sets the balance right, Secured stays the web Moirai hemmed. Manjishtha 01.10.13 […]

Ornithophobia !!

Oh, its all good and glory on paper, All sweet and pretty in tunes, But when they flutter by stuttering the heart, All notions of romance are ruined. The much hyped chirrups and tweeters, Swooshing overhead give jitters, No wonder Lucille Ball made bare her room walls, Did you know closer to snakes are these […]


When life in real sucks big time And dreary look the days ahead When falls too short your precious dimes Or you’ve troubles getting laid.   Turn on the magic, turn on the fun Of the wonder, that is FRIENDS Buy Blu-Ray or watch reruns And set your soul on the mend.   The best […]