They say that every soul is an author in this cyberage. Netspace is crowded with worded thoughts of all thinking minds. It reminds me of a line by Gardiner that I had read in one of his essays. “If diamonds were as plentiful as pebbles, we wouldn’t stoop to pick them up”.

I don’t know if our thoughts and words, published online, are becoming redundant. Popularity of only a handful of written online scriptures can be interpreted to suggest the same.

Then why did I even bother to start a blog of my own, if very few people are actually going to read it? Well, I agree with Gardiner’s logic that profusion of diamonds will make them less desirable; that no one will want to pick them up. But just think how the road shall sparkle from the glow of all the diamonds strewn around. What brilliance their blaze shall impart to every thing mundane. I am merely hoping to contribute to that brilliance.

Image: http://sandyhaight.com/portfolios/line-art/attachment/2quill-pen/




  1. Came to say thanks for checking out my blog but got sidetracked by your poetry. Keep it up!


    1. Thanks for the appreciation 🙂


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