So, I am reading this chapter on Human Population and fuming inside on the reckless breeding tendencies of us humans and God decides to send me a demo. Our newly recruited domestic help is sweeping the courtyard, when she is commanded by a woman to “tell Mother to give alms”. When, our recruit, shy by […]

“I am adopted”. Not really, no. That’s my favoured way of expressing psuedoindignation at my parents’ divergent philosophies and ideals in life. For instance, they are BIG believers in the hypothetical ‘innate goodness’ of people. They find goodness even in the basest of souls and are always ready to blindly trust anybody and everybody they […]

Yesterday, near Victoria Memorial, our car stopped at a red light. It was approached by a eunuch. We parted with a ten and preserved our peace. Today, while Googling Devala Devi  to help me keep up with my mother discussing the history of medieval Delhi, I found that Khusro Khan, the maverick, therefore short term […]

Fortunately, I have found some very caring friends at the University. They indulge me, put up with my whims, even mollycoddle. It is their belief that I am an ignoramus when it comes to the ways of the world, and I am mostly ‘theoretical’, ‘impractical’ and ‘idealistic’, hence in need of ‘gentle treatment’. They use […]

  Pains me no more; No, not even that romantic “dull ache“: A finality, certitude, has set in, Wounds, unhealed, can petrify.     Strange unheaviness typifies it, Indifferent existence; almost nil. Already the sediments of daily chores bury it, Not a rock, it seems; just an imprint.     Manjishtha  6.10.13   Image Courtesy: […]

Every soul needs a purpose to survive, Be it a person; a pleasure perhaps: For some ’tis the chance at revenge; Nurtured on which life thrives. I see not why it should be condemned, Recall the saying on ‘sowers’ and ‘reaping’; If revenge sets the balance right, Secured stays the web Moirai hemmed. Manjishtha 01.10.13 […]

I admit that my sole connection to the plights of the impoverished multitude is through my genial domestic help, whom I call Boudi (sister-in-law) and who in turn calls me Didi (elder sister). In the middle of her morning rush washing, cleaning and doing other household chores, dashing between my house and my neighbours’, she […]