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Death, And Sweet Liquid Gold.

“Do you really need to go”? Fatima imploringly looked at Zarul, her husband of two weeks. “If I don’t go, what will you eat, silly’? Zarul replied, laughing, as he slung his cloth bag on his left shoulder and went out the door. It was dawn and his companions were waiting. Turning the corner of […]


Sheila entered the classroom with puffy eyes, sniffling into a handkerchief. Ankit was alarmed. This was the third time in four days that his girlfriend had come to the college looking distressed. What worried him even more was that she absolutely refused to tell him what the matter was. It was extremely unusual.  For the […]

Love is Time’s little irony.

“Dear Jishnu, I am sorry we fought that day. And I am sorry it turned so ugly. It wasn’t like us. It shouldn’t have been the way it was. I am sorry for being stupid too. Why couldn’t you just ask me? How was I supposed to know your news was not just news? A […]