Random Thoughts # 4

My blessing, my bane
A mind, that is mine
Insists, Sin’s my own,
Virtue, divine.

Heart, beats and wonders
At no claim on Love,
The one thing that salvages,
Beyond and above.

I am utterly, passionately, consummately in love with John Steinbeck’s East of Eden, and if I were to have a book for a lover, I would have gone to the ends of the world to be alone with this book – learning the strengths of human emotions from its pages, knowing the redeeming power of love. To this book – the one book.



  1. samidherkobita · · Reply

    Dear Manjistha,

    Though I have not read the book earlier but this glimpse is taking me to wonders…

    Thanks for sharing… certainly I will read the book…


    1. I am certain you will feel enriched.


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