Monthly Archives: October 2013

Random Thoughts # 2

  Pains me no more; No, not even that romantic “dull ache“: A finality, certitude, has set in, Wounds, unhealed, can petrify.     Strange unheaviness typifies it, Indifferent existence; almost nil. Already the sediments of daily chores bury it, Not a rock, it seems; just an imprint.     Manjishtha  6.10.13   Image Courtesy: […]

Random Thoughts # 1

Every soul needs a purpose to survive, Be it a person; a pleasure perhaps: For some ’tis the chance at revenge; Nurtured on which life thrives. I see not why it should be condemned, Recall the saying on ‘sowers’ and ‘reaping’; If revenge sets the balance right, Secured stays the web Moirai hemmed. Manjishtha 01.10.13 […]