As summer approaches, nearer looms the threat of frequent power-cuts, and the correlation I draw in this piece seems to have strengthened in these few months instead of showing the desirable reverse trend. So I reblog it again, with no illusions of making a difference, but with the same helpless repressed rage that has been gnawing at my core since December last.

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My laptop does not have a backlit keyboard. That is a direct consequence of my stupid assumption that there will be plenty of light in the surroundings for me to work, when I work. It also points to my parsimony, but let’s overlook that for the present. The consequence of not having a backlit keyboard had not hit me until now; today, to be precise. And all the credits for making my lack of prospicience apparent, thereby humbling me, goes to our very own democratic government.

I am blaming our government for this misery that we all are in. This massive grid failure that is gradually making the prospect of seeing RGV film a Bollywood version of “Darkness Falls” becoming very real is indeed the failure of the government at the seat of power. However, like my imprudent decision in not buying a backlit keyboard and facing the consequences later…

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