When life in real sucks big time

And dreary look the days ahead

When falls too short your precious dimes

Or you’ve troubles getting laid.


Turn on the magic, turn on the fun

Of the wonder, that is FRIENDS

Buy Blu-Ray or watch reruns

And set your soul on the mend.


The best palliative of modern life

The Kleenex for sobbing youth

In a world where misery’s rife,

‘Tis the ‘Oasis-O-Ruth’.


Poet’s note: Our generation has been reared on Cerelac and FRIENDS. So, when it is 4.30 in the morning and nobody is up but you, away from home, all alone, who do you turn to? Fortunately, for me, this time, to Warner Bros. for broadcasting repeat telecasts of FRIENDS on their channel WB. At that hour, before dawn, even before the most diligent crow has left its nest, when the chill is the coldest and the air the heaviest to breathe, the warmth that watching Joey proclaim he doesn’t share food, or fondly watching Monica clean a vacuum cleaner with a smaller one, then exasperatedly exclaiming the need for an even smaller one to clean the former, is simply put, tear inducing and endearing. This is the first time, I shall admit, that I have come to completely realize the importance of FRIENDS in my life. In my limited capacity, therefore, I decided to pay my tribute to the one show that has taught our generation a lot more than real life and real people can. FRIENDS, I “HEART” YOU !!!!



Dedicated to: RAJESH SARKAR


Image courtesy: http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Friends-Posters_i3629373_.htm



  1. FRIEND. Nicely depicted realisation.

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