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Recreating Seaurat’s ‘La Grande Jatte’ in “Garer Maath”…………A holiday afternoon in Kolkata Maidan.

Georges Seaurat’s ‘A Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of La Grande Jatte’ has long been one of my favourite post-impressionistic era paintings. The rich colours, the technique of pointillism and the diverse characters portrayed in the painting makes it, at least to me, a complete novel rather than just a landscape. A BBC News program, that I happened […]


When life in real sucks big time And dreary look the days ahead When falls too short your precious dimes Or you’ve troubles getting laid.   Turn on the magic, turn on the fun Of the wonder, that is FRIENDS Buy Blu-Ray or watch reruns And set your soul on the mend.   The best […]

On Kids And Killjoys

The bus stop at Mohanpur  en route Midnapore  town is right beside a big field which, according to the seasons, and the different festivities typical of Indian seasons, serves as a venue for Puja Pandals, club football, cultural programmes and political rallies. This winter morning it dressed up in pretty colourful paper flags and bright […]