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Growing up, or killing the ‘Peter Pan’ in you.

Some do it effortlessly. Some, like me, have a hard time doing it, even at 27. So what stops us? People with ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’, that is? (I should however mention here that the World Health Organization does not recognize this as a psychological disorder1).  What stops us ‘real life Peter Pans’ from growing up? […]

When Stitches Teach

I recommend stitching. Anything. A tablecloth, a handkerchief, a bedspread. Anything that suits your fancy. Even darning a sock may help, sometimes. For me it is stitching falls on my mother’s saris. Yes, the greatest life lessons can be learned from the humblest sources. I know it sounds weird and trust me I did not start […]


When the movie released in 1988, I was a mere toddler. At that time, most Bengali households seldom visited the movie theatres every time a new Bollywood flick released. Consequently, I had to wait a further couple of years to hear about the movie until it was telecast during primetime matinee hour. Even then, I […]