It is with an element of strangeness

That God created Blue.

After a hard day’s work, when He was

Weary, yet full

With sparkling creativity.

That is when, from a tired contentment

Was born this hue.

Created in a moment of inanition,

Satiated still,

Blue is true

To the emotions that conceived it.

Standing, thus, loyal, to despair,

And adding to euphoric thrills.

When the sun is hostage to the clouds,

Anguished are the souls down below

Appetent of a hint of the Blue.

The same souls still, on voyage,

Dread the deep Blue so,

Chant litanies out loud.

Created from confusion, Blue elates and torments.

To the nature of this colour,

God, His spirit lent.

………………… Manjishtha

26th (2/08 + 4/12)

Image courtesy:–image17518537



  1. pratishtha · · Reply

    what was the exact inspiration behind your chromatic melancholia…sissy???????……..loved it………:)

  2. must be shared with all our friends working in MNC’s!!! 😛

  3. You think so Andy? I think this might appeal to thinking people more than to corporate zombies 😛

  4. Prats: Depression is always inspiring 😉

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