On the eve of the Global Centenary Year celebrations of International Women’s Day

What a WOMAN is?

You’ll have known by now,

Told by many, as how

A woman is a wife and a mother,

A sister to a brother,

And a loyal friend   ………………..

But stop! That’s it. The end.

Let’s for once let women be themselves.

Human, Homo sapiens; no house-elves

To work their backs off, even at jobs;

Reduced to machines, dry corn cobs,

Turned to in need.

Hell! Woman is no weed!

To be stepped on, trodden.

Women, in tears and guilt sodden

Trembling; hoping for a knight,

Her rescuer. Then again he might

Turn on her!

So stop!

Women, take a liberating breath and then gallop;

For once be in charge of your life,

Be the gong, not merely the fife.

Come now, sky’s blue,

Spread your wings, be true

And live as a woman should.

For she’s the best that God ever could


So come, celebrate………………………………

A Happy Women’s Day.


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