Love unrequited

I have always loved you; held you in

my vision’s arms, in loving embrace.

Caressed you, cared for you, held in

dreams, your face close to my face.

Cherished in waking every day, that

promised some golden hours with you.

Lapping up your every smile, and

loving your cold annoyance too.

 I loved it when you opened up, with

 every day that we spent together.

 Distance fell short, affection grew,

 as we knew each other better.

You were my dream in broad daylight, as

at night you were my muse of song.

Joy at sight, thoughtful company,

sweet distraction behind every wrong.

Now in moving on, I leave you by,

 my heart is numb with this secret,

 that you will never know how I loved

you; I never confessed, I do not regret.

For you were never mine, and I know you never will.

 But I have always loved you and will love you still.



  1. well it is beautiful….n touching. A poetry depicts a thousand words paints thousand images in our minds .It did.I always have this feeling that successful love stories are always boring n predictable except a few. Unrequited ones on the other hand are heart wrenching and it captivates readers mind. love is so short and oblivion so long…..

  2. Now that last line of yours is truly worth writing a poetry about. Thanks.

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