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Of mice and men …… reflections on recent anthrozoological findings

An article has been published in a daily newspaper exploring the reasons why humans love some animals and hate some others.  Hal Herzog, a renowned Anthrozoologist has opined that it is our subconscious projection of a set of behaviours onto the animals we see and interact with that makes them familiar to us thereby making […]


This is a post from one of my previous blogs which I do not use anymore. So, I may safely post it here without fear of duplication. It was a little after 10.30 pm. The usually rackety locality, flanking the main road on two sides, was unusually quiet.  At precisely 10.39 pm, the silence of […]


I thought I heard a cuckoo today Chanting gaily a morning psalm Neath a cloudy sky, through sheets of hail I beheld my dawning, bright and calm. I thought I saw a twinkling star This eve of darkness and of gloom And lo, my path was there belayed Coursing away from eternal doom. I thought […]


“Escape is not an answer; quitting can’t be the cure, to try and solve the problem, be patient and endure”. “Reason always guides, logic shows the way. Think and think again; before flying away”. Standing steady and still on duty, until grave. Thine heart lost long ago, is not that ESCAPE?


Light it up Set it ablaze Let the fiery glow blind out your gaze. A scorching flame Alight, alight Burn you whole, yes it might. Its searing heat Corrupts and kills All that is bred by untruth and evil. Behold the fire That goodness brings Dispelling darkness, hope it springs.

Love unrequited

I have always loved you; held you in my vision’s arms, in loving embrace. Caressed you, cared for you, held in dreams, your face close to my face. Cherished in waking every day, that promised some golden hours with you. Lapping up your every smile, and loving your cold annoyance too.  I loved it when […]